Saturday, 2 April 2016

#MonthEndBroke?? CASHe #CashGivingApp to the rescue

#MonthEndBroke?? CASHe #CashGivingApp to the rescue

   The Aeries group launched an innovative mobile app - CASHe at the ITC Grand Central Hotel, Mumbai on afternoon of 31st March, 2016 and I was one of the lucky few who got to attend the same. CASHe is an application which provides instantaneous short term personal loans to young professionals upto 40 % of their salary with minimum documentation through their smartphones. Yes.. You heard it right! No more tiresome visits to banks and financing companies, standing in lines for hours at end, having to search for bazillion documents to file for the loan application or having to explain the reason for need of the said loan! Instead with CASHe now people can apply for a loan from the convenience of their own homes, while traveling or while enjoying life - All you need is an Android smartphone, internet connectivity and scans of a few basic document and you're good to go!

#MonthEndBroke?? CASHe #CashGivingApp to the rescue

   The event started with our emcee of the day giving all of us a warm welcome and providing a quick introduction of the people behind the making of the CASHe mobile app. This was followed by an entertaining dance performance with the main lead playing the role of a young professional tired of how all the expenses in his life leave him with no money towards the end of the month before his next salary is crediting into his account and how now with CASHe he can get almost instantaneous loans to make ends meet and live a more stress free life and enjoy it to the fullest. This short song and dance performance had us engrossed and was a brilliant way of kick starting the event!
#MonthEndBroke?? CASHe #CashGivingApp to the rescue

   Next, the CASHe dignitaries were called on the stage, which included - The Chairman and Chief Evangelist - Mr. V. Raman Kumar, Board Advisers - Dr. Rakesh Mohan - The former Deputy Governor of RBI and Director of IMF; Mr. Yezdi Lashkari  - Tech Entrepreneur and Digital Thought Leader and Mr. Suhel Seth - Accomplished Media Personality and Brand Guru. They were joined on the stage by the Bollywood heartthrob Arjun Kapoor, who along with the aforementioned esteemed expert panel proceeded to officially launch CASHe  - The Cash Giving App.
   We next got to see a few lighthearted pictures and audiovisuals which perfectly captured the various scenarios where quick short term loan of money comes in handy.
- When your boss is a jerk and doesn't pay you on time! Holds true and has surely happened to all of us! Myself included!
- Cash for maa ki dawaai, behan ki vidaai, chotu ki padhai. Reminded me of Raju Rastogi from 3 Idiots and had the entire crowd in splits!
- Asking money from friends, though easy and non-cumbersome often comes with strings attached which often comes back to bite us on our derriere!
- Requesting dad to lend some money, that too in front of his friends, is sure to make him and his friends chuckle at your expense!
#MonthEndBroke?? CASHe #CashGivingApp to the rescue

   We were then taken on a journey of a step by step demo of the CASHe app as follows:
   CASHe can be downloaded through the Google Playstore on any Android smartphone and requires to be logged in through either Facebook or a LinkedIn account. After agreeing to the terms and conditions, one can set up their profile by providing their name, cell no., email ID, adding a selfie, a picture of their PAN card, address proof and latest salary slip. The payment received on the latest salary slip decides the maximum load which can be allotted to a person - 40 % of the salary (Till a maximum of Rs. 50,000/-). A bit more information - Permanent address, landline number, date of birth, educational qualification, type of accommodation, purpose of CASHe, employer details like - Name, their landline number, office email ID and their month and year of joining, Bank details like name of bank, account no., IFSC code and latest bank statement bring you to final page where you can enter the amount of cash needed. Here details like interest and one time processing fee which are deducted can be seen to give the final in hand amount that the person will receive. Proceeding further the application of the loan can be finalized and submitted by entering a numerical code which takes us to the screen which gives the time by which the loan will be approved. If all the details entered by the person are found to be accurate, the loan gets approved and transferred to the account!
   The session ended with answering of the audience questions which was followed by posing for pictures by the dignitaries and chief guests and later the entire team involved in making CASHe a reality. After having a scrumptious lunch boasting of wide range salads, curd recipes, various vegetarian as well as non vegetarian curries, rice, assortment of Indian breads and desserts we made our way back with our CASHe press kits, knowing right what to do when we are #MonthEndBroke - Just download the CASHe #CashGivingApp and be good to go!

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