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Product Review - Whisper Ultra Clean Sanitary Pads

Product Review - Whiper Ultra Clean Sanitary Pads

   Whisper is a brand whose feminine hygiene products all women would surely have used at least once during their lives during "That time of the month" when our beloved "Aunt Flo" comes knocking on the door. So when they launched their new and improved version of Whisper Ultra Clean, promising five times better protection compared to ordinary pads, the news was sure to travel fast and create a stir! So today I am jotting down my experience of using the new Whisper Ultra Clean sanitary pads which were introduced a few weeks ago in the Indian markets.

   Product Claims: Locks up to 100% wetness. Lasts all day.
- More absorption for long hours.
- Better dryness for clean feeling.
- Faster absorption for sudden heavy flows.
- Better comfort with softer top sheet.
- Better scent.

   Price: Rs. 80/-
   No. of pads in a packet: 7.
   Directions for use:
- Peel off the release paper from the back of the pad.
- Stick the pad on your panty crotch and press firmly.
- Peel off the release paper from the wings.
- Fold the wings around the sides of your panty crotch and press them firmly against the back.
   Directions for disposal:
- Wrap the pad in paper and throw it in a dustbin.
- To prevent clogging of drains, do not flush pads.

Product Review - Whiper Ultra Clean Sanitary Pads

   The new Whisper Ultra Clean sanitary pads come packed in a green and white plastic sealed bags each containing seven pads each. The outer packaging is printed with the name of the product on its front, the product claims on its backside, while the price and directions for use/disposal are mentioned on its side. Each sanitary pad comes packed in a green colored cover which is compact and very travel friendly. The sanitary pads are white in color, have a blue colored detailing, are longer than previous varieties, quite thin in width, light weight, have a mild pleasant scent and are provided with wings for better placement.
   The better absorption formula of the new Whisper Ultra Clean provides long lasting feeling of dryness and feels comfortable against the delicate skin. It protects against development of period rashes and consequent itchiness and does a good job of preventing emission of foul odour. Due to its slim design, it does not create a visible unnatural looking bump against fitted clothes. Though the absorption power is good enough to last through the entire day with moderate flow, it is recommended that one changes the sanitary pad every couple of hours to prevent infections and maintain personal hygiene. The wings provided absorb a minimal amount of fluid, but often aren't able to prevent leakage once they get soiled, something that needs to be improved upon. The simplicity of use and ease of disposal is a great positive like always with Whisper products.
   The new Whisper Ultra is easily available across the nation, through chemists and online stores alike though the price is a bit on higher side when compared to other brands.

Product Review - Whiper Ultra Clean Sanitary Pads

- Compact, travel friendly packaging.
- Longer size provides for extra protection.
- Can be worn under fitted clothes without being visible.
- Has a mild pleasant scent.
- Wings provide stability and help pads stay in place.
- Prevents the feeling of wetness.
- Better absorption.
- Comfortable against the skin.
- Better protection against itchiness and skin rashes.
- Does a better job in preventing foul odour.
- Lasts all day with moderate flow.
- Easy to use and dispose.
- Easily available across the nation.

- Leakage may occur if wings get soaked.
- Price is towards a higher side.

Product Review - Whiper Ultra Clean Sanitary Pads

   Verdict: 4.5/5. An improvement on previous versions of products from our go to personal hygiene brand - Whisper, these new Ultra Clean sanitary pads are a must try for longer lasting protection and dryness to keep striding forwards.

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