Sunday, 1 February 2015

#UseYourAnd and Take a Stand

   We women have always known to be great multi-taskers. Since ages we have been taking care of ourselves as well as our families, keeping the home neat and clean, cooking, doing the laundry and a hundred little things simultaneously and in many cases without the much needed breaks in between. And with changing times, apart from completing their household chores, women have also started making their mark in each and every field imaginable to humans. Not only do we run our homes but also this world. Right from being employed as minimum wage workers to entrepreneurs to managing directors and CEOs of multi million companies, women are making their contribution to support their families as well as the development of nations. So when a person tags us, categorizing us as just a "Homemaker" or a "Singer" or an "Engineer" or any other one-dimensional label it really irritates me and makes me angry beyond words!
   So when Gillette Venus came up with the #UseYourAnd campaign in collaboration with BlogAdda I jumped at the opportunity to put my views across. When we women can fulfill the roles of being a daughter, a sister, a wife, a daughter-in-law, a mother, an aunt, a friend and so many more all at once why are we not given the chance to fulfill our career goals and at the same time pursue our hobbies??

   This perception needs to change as only then would our society be able to progress in the real sense. I got lucky in getting born in a family where education is considered to be of utmost importance and being independent and ability to stand on my on two feet was stressed upon right from the start.

#UseYourAnd and Take a Stand

   Since my early childhood days I dreamed of entering the medical profession as nothing interested me more than the wonder that the human body is! Though I was never a brilliant student in studies, I always strived towards achieving that dream with determination until finally I completed my medical graduation and I could finally call myself a Doctor and that too, on the basis of pure merit. As I am still far from being the professional that I aspire to be one day, my journey is far from over. After my graduation I took a hiatus from working in a medical institution so that I could study for my post graduation entrance and that was when I discovered cosmetics and fell in love with how confident and gorgeous they made me feel. On a whim I started this blog to relieve myself from the constant stress of studying thus giving myself an alternative identity of that of a blogger. But pursuing two things at the same time did not in any way mean that they are done halfheartedly, but signify the many feathers in my cap!

   As of now, I can count two feathers in my cap.. 
   Not a Doctor OR a Blogger but, a Doctor AND a Blogger..
   How many can you??

   This post is a part of #UseYourAnd activity at BlogAdda in association with Gillette Venus


  1. Nice article!!! Though there is some problem in your blog's sidebar..The ads are popping out which is not looking good!!
    And instead of adding all the ads in should ad those 2 big ads in your blog post (below the title)...otherwise your blog is nice!

    1. Thanks a lot Sudhanshu for your genuine feedback. I appreciate it a lot. Will checkout the problem in the sidebar and rectify it as soon as possible! :)