Sunday, 22 June 2014

Product Review - Tommy G Dual Lipstick

   Reviewing a lipstick that I received in my February Fab Bag and absolutely adore. This dual lipstick is manufactured by cosmetic giants from Greece which go by the name of Tommy G and are world renowned for their products.

Tommy G Dual Lipstick

   The product contains a liquid pigmented shade on one side and a clear gloss on the other side with individual applicators for both of them. They have 9 shades available in their dual lipstick category which range from nudes to shocking reds and pinks. What I received in my bag was Passion Red i.e Shade No. 7.

Tommy G Dual Lipstick
Left - Glossy look, Right - Matte finish, without gloss.

    Price: Rs. 980/-
   Volume: 10 ml
   Finish: Matte or glossy, depending on how you choose to wear it! 
   Shelf Life: Not mentioned.
   Direction for use: Apply the colored part to your lips and let it dry. For extra shine, follow it up with the transparent gloss. 

    Honestly, I was never a big fan of dark shades on my lips but this product made me change my mind and now I use this lipstick whenever I can as it is a complete attention grabber and is a source of compliments wherever I go!

- Pretty, simple packaging.
- Love the fact that the same product can give, both, matte and glossy finish.
- The bent applicator brush makes putting on the lipstick very easy.
- Single swipe is enough to get intense color.
- Works well on pigmented lips.
- The color lasts for a long time and does not need frequent touch ups.
- The matte lipstick does not bleed or gets smudged.
- Amazing variety of shades available.
- Does not cause drying or chapping of lips even if gloss is not applied.

- Not easily available in India.
- The shelf life and ingredients are not mentioned on the lipstick.
- When used with the gloss, the color comes off earlier and may smudge a little.
- On the costlier side, but worth every single rupee!

   Verdict: 4.5/5. Would definitely recommend and repurchase! Would love to try other shades available.

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