Sunday, 4 May 2014

Voting Day - The Day I got Inked!

   Hello all you lovely ladies :)
   April 24, 2014 was the voting day for all us Mumbaikars as I was pretty excited for the same as it was going to be my first voting experience. 
   I had planned that I would get up early in the morning, get ready and be at the voting booth by 9 O'clock at the latest but as I retired to bed late the previous night and had not kept an alarm to wake me up, I ended getting up royally late!
   I thought that my parents would have had already voted by now, as they usually do, and I would have to go to the voting booth all alone! But they hadn't done so and were waiting for me to get up and get ready so that we could all go and vote together. So I quickly got ready to go to do the deed!
   Luckily for me, the voting booth where I was supposed to go is at a mere walking distance of 10 minutes from my place. But as my Dad, due to his medical problems cannot walk for that far, my Uncle came in his car to give us all a lift uptil the voting booth.
   I had expected the voting booth to be buzzing with activity with long lines of people waiting to cast their vote, but wasn't anything like that. It bore a deserted look with just a handful of people trying to find their name in the electoral role as generally most of the people tend to vote early in the morning to prevent the heat of this sweltering summer. We entered inside the building to look out for the room where we were supposed to cast our vote and were glad to find no line at all there.
  We entered inside as soon as the guys who were voting got over with the process and showed our voting card and the electoral no. card to the official who circled out names in his file and marked our left index fingers with ink while another volunteer took our signatures.
  Next I proceeded to the voting machine after my Mom and Dad were done casting their vote where I pressed the button in front of candidate of my choice which made a buzzer like sound to indicate that my vote had been registered and then rushed to join my parents super excited after having completing my responsibility of voting for my nation where we sat back in the car waiting for us which rushed us back to home sweet home where the first thing I did upon reaching was to click a bunch of selfies to upload on my social media networking sites.
 The entire process took no more than 10 minutes of my time and was a perfect experience to cherish my first time voting experience!
 Guys do let me know your voting experience and if anyone of you faced any difficulties in voting or couldn't do so.