About Me

   Hello everyone! 
   I am Saachi and I welcome you all to my blog! I am creating this blog as an extension of my personality where I intend to write about everything and anything which makes an impact on my life along with stuff which makes all women go weak in their knees - Yes, I'm talking about Cosmetics, Skincare products, Clothes, Accessories, and all things glittering and gold!
   First of all, I'd like to introduce myself to all you lovely people! I am a 20 something Aquarian girl who is quite shy and often comes across as a loner at first glance, but can be incredibly fun once I open up to a person! Professionally, I am a qualified MBBS doctor. One thing that I should mention here is that writing or for that matter languages have never been my forte, so please forgive me for the silly grammatical mistakes that I am bound to make in blogposts!
   This blog is going to be about my experiences that I want to share with people right from my first time experience of voting to meal tastings at new restaurants! Also, I'd be reviewing loads of products, most of which are going to be budget items that are freely available in our country.
   With this, I conclude this introduction and hope that you find my musings worth having a read!
   Take care and keep smiling.. :)

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