Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Product Review - Za True White Cleansing Foam

Product Review - Za True White Cleansing Foam

   Za, a brand from the house of Shiseido, was introduced in India around a year and a half back, and has made quite a big impact and gained a loyal customer base in this small time period. Its products are made keeping the needs of the metropolitan women in mind, and include skincare as well as cosmetic products. Reviewing a product from their first launched skincare range in India, the Za True White Cleansing Foam below. Do have a read to know about my experience of using the same.

   Product Claims: This whitening cleansing foam removes melanin contained excess surface skin cells and imparts moisturized translucent skin.
   Actions - 
  • Cleansing granules roll gently over skin to remove excess surface skin cells and impurities around pores - Vitamin C granules. 
  •  Moisturizes skin and imparts smooth and translucent skin - SPA ingredients (Natural spring water in Tuscany, Italy, loaded with a variety of minerals).
  • Removes light makeup.
   Results - Leaves the skin feeling refreshed. Imparts luminous, translucent and moisturized skin.
   Product texture - Rich foam gently covers the skin.
Product Review - Za True White Cleansing Foam

   Price: Rs. 199/-
   Volume: 50 g.
   Shelf Life: Not mentioned.
   Directions: Squeeze a small amount onto palm and work into lather using cool or lukewarm water. Gently massage over face in circular motions. Rinse thoroughly.
Product Review - Za True White Cleansing Foam

   Also available in a 100 g tube for Rs. 349/-

   The Za True White Cleansing Foam comes as a collapsible white colored tube with a screw cap. It is pretty to look at, compact and travel friendly. Its screw cap is sturdy and prevents leakage of the product. The tube is printed in pink with the name of the product on its front and the product claims, directions of usage, ingredients and more on the back.
   The foam has a good thick consistency, and is white in color. It has tiny colored Vitamin C granules interspersed in its formulation. The foam has a pleasant scent to it, although a very mild one. A small quantity of the foam when mixed with water gives rise to abundant amount of lather, helping perfectly cleanse the face of accumulated oil, dirt and light makeup. It is easy to rinse off and does not leave a creamy residue on the face after doing so. It works pretty well on my combination type skin, but sometimes leaves dry patches of skin over my cheeks and around my mouth, making the use of a moisturizer mandatory after its usage for better hydration and protection. It also keeps my skin oil free for hours and reduces the occurrence of acne eruptions. It makes the facial skin feel fresh and provides it with an instant glow, and over a period of time makes the complexion more uniform.
   It is available through many online as well as offline portals. Though it is costlier than many face washes available in the market (Something which might prevent a few from trying this product), a single tube lasts for quite long as only a small quantity of the foam is sufficient for usage, making the Za True White Cleansing Foam a good buy.
Product Review - Za True White Cleansing Foam

- Attractive, compact and travel friendly packaging.
- A pleasant, mild fragrance.
- Thick, foamy consistency.
- Small quantity gives desired results.
- Lathers abundantly.
- Easy to rinse off.
- Does not leave a creamy residue on skin.
- Cleanses the face well.
- Gets rid of oil, dirt and makeup.
- Gives a fresh feel to the skin.
- Over time, helps in giving a glowing, radiant complexion..
- Keeps face oil free for hours.
- Prevents appearance of acne.
- Ease of availability.

- Not moisturizing enough, specially for those with dry skin. 
- Few may find the price a bit high.
Product Review - Za True White Cleansing Foam

   Verdict: 4.25/5. A must try face wash for those looking for oil free, radiant and glowing skin, especially suited for those with oily to combination skin type.